Our extensive knowledge and experience of the design and implementation of dispute resolution processes enables us to develop a comprehensive understanding of the community’s needs and to constantly deliver sound and commercially relevant advice on dispute resolution procedures and options, and innovative and effective dispute resolution services.

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With a magnitude of experience in the mediation, litigation and dispute resolution process of building and construction related matters, the Building Disputes Tribunal of South Africa is becoming a recognised and respected force in the industry that will aim to resolve your dispute, no matter how small or big, in the most effective way possible.



The BDTSA, as an independent body, aims to offer assistance with regards to the following:

• Unhappy clients that wishes to declare and resolve disputes against their builders, contractors, architects and/or service providers;

• Appointed builders, contractors, architects or service providers that experience any disputes with their clients as a result of contractual obligations between the parties.



The aim of the BDTSA is to facilitate mutually beneficial solutions to all parties involved in a dispute with regards to any building work or renovations with a monetary value of under R 2l million rand. The main aim and objective are to resolve any building or construction dispute without entering expensive formal litigation. Our panel of dedicated and qualified mediators will create tailor made solutions according to the nature of your dispute.


We offer standardized construction, renovation and building contracts drafted by our expert legal team.  Personalized and detailed construction contracts could be drafted at a nominal fee. Sign up to receive our free e-book on understanding construction law.

Do You Need Assistance Or Help?

Poor Workmanship

Builders that have disputes with clients (such as non-payment and disputes with regards to quality of work.

Shift The Stress

Unhappy clients that wishes to declare and solve a dispute against their builder / contractor / architect and/or service provider;

Balanced Assistance

Mediation is an informal and flexible dispute resolution process for any particular building or renovation dispute. Our role is to guide the parties toward their own resolution mainly through joint sessions with parties.


The ultimate goals is to finalise and prepare a written document for the parties to sign which clearly sets out their rights and obligations towards each other and which document can also be made an order of Court if necessary. Mediation is a private dispute resolution process in which the parties work with a mediator to negotiate a settlement to their dispute. The mediator is a neutral party who has no vested interest in the outcome and is trained to facilitate a settlement between the parties.


In addition, for construction disputes the mediator usually has experience in the construction industry.

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Should a dispute arise in the building process BUILDING DISPUTES TRIBUNAL SOUTH AFRICA is where to find amicable solutions without depleting your bank balance. BDTSA commits to providing its members with the best services to ensure disputes are resolved expeditiously, cost effectively and in accordance with the rules and procedures. This process like other processes is confidential and private and it is also without prejudice. The recommendations will only be binding upon the parties if they so agree. None of the recommendations may be used against either party should the dispute be pursued.