Our extensive knowledge and experience of the design and implementation of dispute resolution processes enables us to develop a comprehensive understanding of the community’s needs and to constantly deliver sound and commercially relevant advice on dispute resolution procedures and options, and innovative and effective dispute resolution services.

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Use the BUILDING DISPUTES TRIBUNAL SOUTH AFRICA website and just complete the form electronically.

No, it is the cheapest way of resolving a dispute and often a requirement by our courts before taking a matter on trial.

Yes, most certainly and it is the duty of BUILDING DISPUTES TRIBUNAL SOUTH AFRICA to find amicable solutions or appoint a professional mediator.

BUILDING DISPUTES TRIBUNAL SOUTH AFRICA has registered mediators on panel country wide mainly registered practising attorneys.

Yes, BUILDING DISPUTES TRIBUNAL SOUTH AFRICA is a professional company and will not disclose private and personal information to any party not directly involved in the dispute, unless so required by legal action.


We offer FREE standardized construction, renovation and building contracts drafted by our expert legal team.  Personalized and detailed construction contracts could be drafted at a nominal fee.

Need help with you construction or building dispute?

Should a dispute arise in the building process BUILDING DISPUTES TRIBUNAL SOUTH AFRICA is where to find amicable solutions without depleting your bank balance. BDTSA commits to providing its members with the best services to ensure disputes are resolved expeditiously, cost effectively and in accordance with the rules and procedures. This process like other processes is confidential and private and it is also without prejudice. The recommendations will only be binding upon the parties if they so agree. None of the recommendations may be used against either party should the dispute be pursued.