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Flooring Disputes


Flooring disputes generally arise out of poor contractual documentation and/or defective work and/or materials.


Time constraints often lead to flooring that gets installed in a substandard manner. This usually results in buckling of floor boards, abnormal gaps, loose surfaces and cracking.


Prior mistakes or miscalculations in the building work will also be brought to light when one starts with the flooring as this is an extremely unforgiven medium to work with and mistakes will be easy to be seen afterwards, e.g. skew walls or uneven concrete work.


Before the owner can take on the contractor for faulty flooring, the real cause of the problem first needs to be established. The problem might just be deeper than what is visible on face value.



Please complete the below Lodge Dispute Form in order to submit your dispute to the Building Disputes Tribunal of South Africa. Once one of our friendly moderators have accessed your dispute we will be in contact with your to discuss the process going forward.