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Roofing Disputes


If a building project is not well-coordinated, roofing works will be affected as a given. Holding cost for scaffolding needs to be taken into consideration as well as electrical fittings, plumbing and and any internal fittings that needs to be protected from the elements. In addition, owners will often request changes/variations to the scope of work and specification as work progresses and no price will be agreed in advance.


South Africa is a diverse country and one of the areas where this is transparent is in the various different building styles of our homes and properties. Each different building style will require a different roof structure, whether is tiled, sink roof or straw, with its own set of requirements and obstacles.


Make sure your builder is knowledgeable about the specific roof required for your building work before you conclude the contract. The last thing you want is to start dispute proceedings due to a leaking roof after the first rains.



Please complete the below Lodge Dispute Form in order to submit your dispute to the Building Disputes Tribunal of South Africa. Once one of our friendly moderators have accessed your dispute we will be in contact with your to discuss the process going forward.