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Tiling Disputes


The most critical factor to remember here is that not all tiles are suitable for all surfaces. Floor tiles can sometimes be used as wall tiles, but wall tiles can never be used as floor tiles. The traffic in the area to be tiled also need to be taken into consideration as different tiles can handle different kind of foot traffic. There is no use in installing tiles aimed at residential purposes with light traffic in areas accessible to the public, such as malls or shops.


Another thing to consider is how slippery the tiles will be when wet. Installing slippery tiles in a high traffic area is an accident waiting to happen and you will not be able to keep your contractor liable in case of an accident.


Some or your tiles will have to be cut to fit the available space. This increase the risk for breakage which cannot be always controlled.


For this reason, it is not always advisable to choose and buy your own tiles without the knowledgeable assistance from a contractor that has proven experience with tiling. You cannot keep the contractor liable for cracked tiles, tiles that’s busy lifting or tiles that show wear and tear on the surface due to traffic, if you bought the wrong tiles from the beginning.


On the other hand, mistakes and errors are a feature of any building related work and some tiling contractors fail to have adequate quality assurance processes in place to ensure they achieve the agreed/specified scope of work to the specified standard, and/or to complete their work by the due date for completion. Joint width and grout type and colour selection are also common causes for complaint.


Waterproofing is often an integral part of tiling work and problems can arise when leaks appear below and around showers and wet areas. Insert a clause in your building contract so that you contractor will return after the completion of the work to attend to water leaks as this is rarely possible to identify such leaks immediately after completion of the work.



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